Spirally Hand-Tied Bouquet Course


In this workshop, we’ll learn how to make a beautiful spirally hand-tied bouquet. Choose from a variety of flowers and foliage, learn how to best care for, arrange and tie your flowers into a beautiful and professional looking bouquet.

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If you've always wondered how florists can create such beautiful spiral bouquets that can even stand up on their own, then this is a course you'll love. You will learn about how to select a variety of blooms that will work together to provide colour and texture in your bouquet. You'll create a spirally tied bouquet that will look stunning in your vase at home.

Social distancing and other covid-19 protocol will be observed with participants having their own workstation with pre-sanitised tools provided.

The course will last approximately 2 hours and refreshments will be provided.

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Dates available in June and July 2021 – message to enquire and to book


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