With my birthday coming up (December 4th) I wondered what I would like to do to treat myself. What better way to spend a day than making hand tied bouquets! Never before have I actually chosen to work on my birthday. I spent the whole day doing what I love. Nothing makes me feel more like a florist than knocking up a beautiful bouquet.

Here’s some photos of hand tied bouquets I’ve made recently. There’s so many stunning blooms to work with; alstromeria, avalanche roses, cafe au lait dahlias, delphiniums, veronicas, eustoma, aster, gypsophila, carnations, chrysanthemums, protea, craspedia, scabiosa, eucalyptus, grevillia, snow berries, hypericum, clematis, amaranthus, bupleurum and rannunculus to name but a few of my favourites!